Thanks to my parent effort I studied Classical Saxophone in School. I grew up listening  CD's of Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Joe Pass and Miles Davis.


I was always such a huge music-lover, fond of Jazz and Classical music above anything else. When I was eighteen years old I went to live in Barcelona where I learned Jazz language completely self-taught. I have travel all over the world, sharing stage with amazing musicians in incredible proyects.


My own sound is a mix of my influences and my life experiences. Classical music and Jazz gave me a broad melodic-armonic perspective that I use in the pursuit of my unique sound. Every journey, every gig, every person I meet sums up in my sonorous universe, in the conception of my music, my way.


In the last few year, Composition is getting more and more relevant in my life. I work everyday as a composer as it brings me the most joy.


Creating, dreaming, playing, learning, sharing...The aim of my career is to keep digging in the depths of the art that rules my life: MUSIC

And so until the day I die...

E. Aurignac

"One of the most sublimely assembled jazz orchestra's of the 21st Century..."
About my first album "UNO"

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